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ZynADAC v1.0

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The ZynADAC v1.0 is the new Zynthian official soundcard. It's inspired on HifiBerry's creations that we love, but it's been designed & manufactured for Zynthian, and it's 100% open hardware.

Sound quality is excellent; Latency, jitter & noise as lower as possible and the latest Zynthian’s software is pre-configured to work with it out-the-box.


  • 2 x balanced audio output channels

  • 2 x balanced audio input channels

  • Adjustable input gain (-12 to 32 dB)

  • DAC Burr-Brown PCM5242 (192kHz/24bit)

  • ADC Burr-Brown PCM1862/63 (192kHz/24bit)

  • Dedicated Ultra Low Noise LDOs for DAC & ADC

  • Dedicated Ultra Low Jitter Oscillators

  Introducing ZynADAC