Privacy Policy

We collect some user data in the shopping process:

  • Name & last name
  • Shipping/Billing Address
  • Email
  • Phone number
  • VAT number (when required)

We need your email for sending order-related information and status updates. We also need your name & address for shipping the packages. Finally we need your billing data for generating an invoice as required by our local laws. We don't use this data for sending anything unrelated with the shopping process. No newsletter nor other promotional email will be sent unless you ask us to do so explicitly.

We don't share this information with anybody. Mailchimp nor any other company wont get your personal data from us.

We conserve the data after shipping the order is completed, but if you want, you can contact with us ( and we will delete your data from our system. We are not specially interested in keeping trace of you beyond what laws obliges us.

We use external payment providers for credit card payments or trust-less payment systems like bitcoin, so we don't collect any private payment data (card numbers, bank account numbers, etc.) that can be stolen by bad actors.