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Zynaptik-2 Module

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The Zynaptik Module v2 includes the circuitry for the 3 x standard MIDI ports (IN/OUT/THRU) and the chips needed for implementing a complete CV/Gate interface, consisting of 4 x analog input, 4 x analog output and 16 x extra digital intput/output. Everything soldered on and ready to work.


  • 3 x standard MIDI ports (IN, OUT & THRU) with activity led

  • 1 x MCP23017 that provides 16 extra digital input/output pins (datasheet)

  • 1 x ADS1115 that provides 4 analog input pins (datasheet)

  • 1 x MCP4728 that provides 4 analog output pins (datasheet)

  • 1 x 40 pin "zynaptik" connector, compatible with zynface

  • Everything soldered on.