Terms & Conditions

  • We ship all the world using Standard Certified Mail service. It's the cheaper way and AFAIK, we never lost a package ;-)

  • We ship orders once a week so you should receive what you order in a reasonable time, but ...

  • I'm not Amazon!!! I can't serve orders in 2 days!! I'm trying to keep enough stock of every part, but sometimes i run out-of stock. Sorry, this is a small business and i'm a beginner in that kind of things ... ;-)

  • Pre-built kits can take longer to ship. I have to solder the PCBs & connectors and test everything, so please, be patient.

  • If the delay is too long, you can cancel at anytime before i ship the package and i will completely refund your money. You can do that by replying the "Order Confirmation Email" or sending an email to sales@zynthian.org specifying your Order ID.

  • I assume you have the required skills for building the kit/parts you are ordering. I'm not responsible if you break some part during the building process. It's your responsibility.

    You can read the tutorials available in the Zynthian Wiki:


    And you can send your questions to the Zynthian Forum:


    The community is quite active and you probably will receive an answer in a few hours.

  • If some part is defective i will replace it ASAP. In that case you have to send me back the defective part so i can check it. If it's really defective, i will send you a new one with no cost for you.

  • If some part is missed, i will send you the missed parts ASAP with no charge for you.